This is my first application programme ever. I recommend you to know batch programming language before using it, but it is not necessary. It includes CMD_Accounts, which is a popular command-line toolkit, which makes it easy to carry-out command-line operations without knowing much about the command-line.

Download the software CMD_Accounts+Net from here:

Download CMD_Accounts+Net


 Size: 340 Kilobytes

 Format: ZIP

 Name: CMD_Accounts+Net

 O. S.: Windows XP and higher

 Origin: India

 Author: Param Siddharth

 Cost: 0.00 Rs.

 Copyright: © Param Siddharth 2016

 Licence: Freeware

 Device: P. C.

 Updates: PM 04:14 24-12-2015 - Masked passwords supported; Bugs fixed.
                PM 05:16 08-01-2016 - Bugs fixed.
                PM 08:25 18-02-2016 - Minor bugs fixed,