Lessons of the Moon

O Moon! I envy you a lot.
You are sitting all quiet in the sky,
Perhaps thinking of something unusual,
Or, are you sad? I believe not, because you are very brave.

How strong you are! You bear the pain
Of separation from the rest.
How gracious are you to enlighten the world
Notwithstanding your isolation!
How different you are to shower pure love
Yet suffer your loneliness.

You are still smiling very bright:
Sometimes shy, sometimes whole,
But you never mind the ignorance you get.
You don't discriminate between anything,
Enabling everyone to see in the night.
I find you acting shy in daylight.
Precious, you do flee.

You have been crushed, and punched and slapped on the face
By angry asteroids.
You gracefully accept it all
And never ever complain.
Protecting us from external threat,
You act as our guard.

The whole inhumane humankind!
We ought to learn from you.
In your unique simplicity,
There are lessons of love and truth.

© Param Siddharth 2018.