My Life

This is the first song of my album, My Life. I made this song to express how I am treated by people due to my unconventionality.

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 Name: My Life

 Album: My Life

 O. S.s: Many

 Origin: India

 Author: Param Siddharth

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 Copyright: © Param Siddharth 2018

 Devices: Many

 Length: 4 minutes and 53 seconds

 Genre: Hip-Hop

Lyrics (English): 

Why…? Why does this happen to me? 

Nobody likes me, yes, I know, 
But nobody will confess, I know 
That. I am here to live my way. 
May whatever they think, I really don't care. 

Everybody says I am not smart. No 
Care for style, not a perfect start 
In a world where fashion is a big thing, 
But I just want to live the way I think. 

It's my life! I will do everything I wish to do. 
It's my life! I have the right to live the way I want to. 
It's my life! You should trust my way because I love you. 
It's my life! I shall be free. 

In kurta-pajama, I will move on the street. 
Ear-rings of gold, gamchha as a hood. 
With a bangle of brass and a watch in my arms, 
I can do anything because it's my life. 
Yes, maybe I speak in a strange accent, 
Or behave as if I am not a normal being. 
I will do everything I like to do. 
Yes, I'll do it my way because it's my life. 

Hey Rogue! You spoke, stroked, and then I broke, wow. 
It's kind of a joke that you always get the shout. 
I might be alone, but am not less than a crowd. 
I held it for too long. Now I have to say it loud. 

Little-little things that we ought to care about, 
We try to avoid them and end up falling out. 
Recall, every time I tried to make out lives better, 
You got an excuse and said, "Na-na-na-na-na, later!". 

You said that you like me but I seriously doubt you. 
You know less of me, I know very much about you. 
Stop making fun of me behind my back. 
It hurts a lot! Do not make me ace out you. 

People say I am a bookworm. 
Oh yes, I am, but what is wrong? 
I love to study the whole day long. 
Oh yes, maybe that is my way. 

I love science and mathematics, 
Social science and literature. 
I don't cheat like you at the test, 
Because I go the fair path and do my best. 

It's my life! I am proud of being the way I am. 
It's my life! I want to be good, not bad like you. 
It's my life! You should trust me (Smooch); I love you. 
It's my life! I shall be free. 

In kurta-pajama…. 

It's my life! 
That is how I do it.